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The "elite" soccer club in Harford County, Maryland

Tryout Information


The club updates its uniform kit every two to four years.  Every player/team joining the club in that year will be require to purchase a new uniform kit.  The approximate cost of the kit ranges ($125-$150).  This cost is in addition to your annual team fees.  Once you have accepted a roster spot and been assigned to a team, you will receive a jersey number from your coach or manager.  Further instructions will be provided on how to order new kits through the clubs uniform distributors and posted on our website under the Store tab.

US Soccer has mandated a change to how age groups are determined.  Age groups will now be based on birth calendar year, as opposed to the old August to July determination.  The birth year to age group mapping for the 2019 season is below:

Birth Year     Age Group             Birth Year    Age Group
  2012              U8 soccer                  2006          U14 soccer
  2011              U9 soccer                  2005          U15 soccer
  2010            U10 soccer                  2004          U16 soccer
  2009            U11 soccer                  2003          U17 soccer
  2008            U12 soccer                  2002          U18 soccer
  2007            U13 soccer                  2001          U19 soccer

US Soccer Birth Year / Season Matrix


2019 Tryout Schedule and Venues

IMPORTANT:  Online registration is required to participate in
tryouts.  See registration link farther down on this page.


NOTE:  Please arrive 15 - 30 minutes prior to tryout time for registration & check-in.  Each
participant should bring an inflated and functional soccer ball, shin guards and water.

The dates above are for our PRIMARY TRYOUT and is mandatory, unless a particular coach has
given a player an exemption.  Below are the dates, times and location for the secondary tryout.

Birth Year Date and Time Location
2012 TBD TBD
2011 TBD TBD
2010 TBD TBD
2009 TBD TBD
2008 TBD TBD
2007 TBD TBD
2006 TBD TBD
2003 TBD TBD

Birth Year Date and Time Location
2012 TBD TBD
2011 TBD TBD
2010 TBD TBD
2009 TBD TBD
2008 TBD TBD
2007 TBD TBD
2006 TBD TBD
2005 TBD TBD
2004 TBD TBD
2003 TBD TBD


Click HERE for driving directions to North Harford High School

NOTE:  If you are new to our online registration system, you will be required to register a new online account. If you need to do so, click on the "Register" button above to access the registration site. Once there, click on the "Register" button in the top right corner of the registration site.

Northern Elite offers a full year program for soccer players looking to train and play.

Pre-registration is required for logistical reasons.  There is no commitment associated with this registration, beyond participation in tryouts.

If you don't have an account on our new registration system, you will be asked to created an account. You should receive a message by phone or e-mail from the coach in your age group prior to tryouts.

Tryout Prep and What to Expect

Leading up to Tryouts:
> Speed, strength and agility training should be performed regularly up to and through tryouts.
> Fundamental skill work with passing, trapping and driving the ball for field players and goalkeepers. Goalkeepers should also be sufficiently fit for skill specific evaluations.
> Small sided scrimmages will be excellent preparation for similar tryout evaluation conditions.

Pre-trial Process
> Players should arrive early to tryout times in order to check-in with adequate time.
> Upon check-in, players will be sectioned off by age ranges.

Tryout Process
> One trainer will be designated for each age group.
> Trainers will run entire session while coaches evaluate. Trainers will offer evaluations as well.

Tryout Schedule
> Tryout sessions will start and end promptly.
> Tryouts will involve evaluation of technical skills, athleticism, small-sided play and possibly full-sided play.
> Some age groups may start with larger sided games.

Post Tryout Process
> Coaches and trainers will submit evaluation feedback.
> Teams will be selected by coaches.
> In cases of multiple team age groups, head coaches and Executive Board may meet to determine team placements.

Notification Process
> Player placements/cuts will usually be done through email unless no email address is available or a special condition exists. In those cases a phone call will be placed to the players' family. Thanks!

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